February 2019

There is a gradual shift in the light by mid February. It is softer and a little brighter. It hints of spring and warmer days. By the 19th I find myself in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain for a few days, fully experiencing an early spring. Every morning I would get out early to make small sketches as the city and its inhabitants started the day. Shutters were opened, vans delivered food, the sunlight hit the tops of the buildings, illuminating them in a bright yellow glow. I was accompanied by my wife and two eldest daughters, all of whom were carrying a sketchbook. We explored the city on bicycles visiting historic buildings, galleries, museums, beaches and every now and then stopped along the way to enjoy great Tapas . My eldest challenged me to concentrate on the sketching the shadows as an alternative way to capture our visit. It’s was a great challenge as the light is so good. It encouraged me to work in tone rather than just line. I also wanted to focus on looking at people and making these a central feature in the sketches. My aim for March is to take these and develop them in to small paintings.