ADD 5 copyA Breezy Day West Wittering 90 x 130cm

David Atkins latest show at the Campden Gallery entitled ‘Weather and Light On a Journey with Turner’ is, as it’s title might suggest, very firmly rooted in the former, it’s inspiration coming from a dog eared 1984 book that retraced Turner’s various journey’s through the hills and dales of Northern England.  Intrigued by the discrepancy between the black and white photographs of the places in recent times and Turner’s originals, Atkins decided to go to see for himself and perhaps get a glimpse of the original inspiration.  In no way though are these attempts at pastiche or stylistic interpretation – Atkins is a vigorous, painterly kind of artist in the modern manner – but just focusing on the places themselves.  Some turned out to be hidden from view, others had become visitors attractions, others just as he would have seen them.  At first Atkins felt Turner’s presence like a ghost over my shoulder though later more a companion on the journey. It is a brave thing to do but the results- fresh, vigorous and sensitive to place – more than justify the attempt.

Nicholas Usherwood Galleries Magazine November 2014